Friday, June 23, 2006

Craft Fair!

Are you looking for something to do tomorrow? How does a road trip to Milwaukee and the chance to buy homemade goodies from all kinds of hip vendors sound?

Art vs. Craft is a one day craft extravaganza and it's happening tomorrow. When I say "crafts," I don't mean your grandma's hand knit doilies and toilet seat covers. The new generation of craftsters is much cooler than that. You will find hand milled BEER soap, collage art, reconstructed clothing, vinyl purses, small press stationary, silk-screened everything, and tons of jewelry. But most of all, you will be wowed by my own crafty contribution:

Love Lights!
I take boring ol' switch plates and enlighten them with the covers of trashy romance novels. They're really quite fun and this batch (see above) is the most I've ever had completed at one time. They will all be on sale in Milwaukee tomorrow! I hope you make the trip out and check out all the spectacular wares!

Art vs.Craft
Saturday, June 24th
1025 N. Broadway
Milwaukee, WI
$2 admission fee

So instead of plopping yourself down on the sofa and zoning out to another My Fair Brady marathon, come up to Milwaukee and support independent merchants!

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Sara said...

Trashy romance novel covers used as switch plates?! Ingenious.