Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Worth the Week: Mille

I'm happy with this photo for three reasons:

1. I'm learning to use my new camera better and it's starting to show.

2. It's a lovely - and still! - portrait of my Mille (who is typically captured as a blur of nose and fur).

3. ORANGE! This bright, crazy orange wall is the very wall that inspired the tag line for this blog. The time has come to paint it over now but it'll always be orange underneath.

Take one photograph,
trade thought for order and words,


nessie said...

nice pic of cutie-pie kitty! Wonder what color you're going for?!

S.B. said...

I wonder what kind of camera you had because the quality was quite excellent. I really liked the color you chose as well, I happy to like orange it's such a happy and vibrant color. And of course you had one of my favorite animals featured in your picture, I love cats!

Unknown said...

it looks like half human and half animal

Diana Mieczan said...

Your Mille is so adorable:) xoxox

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