Friday, April 02, 2010

Bonus Bone: Chris Jordan's Intolerable Beauty

Boxcar, Seattle 2003

Chris Jordan's photography focuses upon the Intolerable Beauty of our mass-consuming ways. By visiting American shipping centers and industrial dumps, Jordan has seen the vast stacks of by-product and waste and he's both drawn in and repelled.

Circuit boards, Atlanta 2004

These images are staggering, mostly due to the sheer volume of all this garbage! We can't not buy things, we can't not waste, and it would take a miracle for everyone, everywhere to start carrying around re-usable produce bags. A lot of us are still trying to get our neighbors (eh em) to recycle - period. But each of us can become more aware of how we use what we buy versus how we waste it.

Crushed cars #2, Tacoma 2004

So we'd simply like to ask you to pay attention. Maybe this means you'll choose the yogurt in the container that can be recycled over the one that can't. Or perhaps you'll turn over a whole new green leaf and become a composting freak (way to go, Mama C!). Hopefully, you're already on board - recycling, shopping farmers' markets, using the heck out of your cell phone before getting a new one - and this post will merely inspire you to push your dedication further.

For these reasons, I, Cardboard, declare these images - this motive - a Design Boner.


John said...

Wauw, wat een geweldige Stoel box

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