Monday, April 28, 2008

Help me find this bread box

Bread box designed by Morph for Joseph Joseph

MoMA used to carry these bread boxes, but now they are no longer available. Does anyone know of any other places in the U.S. selling them? I found them at Joseph Joseph, but the current crappy exchange rate and the insane shipping fee (£45!!!!) just don't make it worth it.


Cardboard said...

I found it here - for same price - but the shipping appears to be under $10. I didn't go so far as to add in my (US) address though so I'm not sure if that would jump up. I would hope it wouldn't get close to the Joseph Joseph rate though. I says, "Dag!"

chinesetwine said...

I KNOW it's totally different but target has some cute ones -
red retro:

and similar-ish to the one you like:

Also, maybe your bro could just pick it up for you?!

chinesetwine said...

These folks are in PA:

Katie said...

Thanks so much ladies!!!! Good detective work.

Kels, those target options are super cute. Good call on asking Jer!

Anonymous said...

I also found it, but here

Not sure if they ship to the US - just another place they're selling it. Good find anywhoo! Lovely!

Coveiter said...

another similar, and probably more pricey... but i thought i'd add it to the list just in case.

{ julie }

Coveiter said...

found it at generate!! $85 including shipping.

{ julie }