Friday, March 30, 2007

Mama Cardboard's INMOD Bed

Mama Cardboard's New Fancy Bedding

Mama Cardboard got her new bedding! She would like to thank Apartment Therapy and INMOD for allowing her such a great draw from the Gift Bag.

And now for the the dirt. This bedding, if it wasn't a gift, would cost a pretty penny (approximately $400). So I asked my mom to give us the real low-down on the high-end merchandise.

She says it's very pretty and definitely well-made. The duvet buttons are covered in cloth and "everything is nicely lined and finished." She did note that the embroidery is placed a little high up on the duvet so she has to tilt the pillows upright or the shams will cover the tallest tree. The one thing she still has a problem with is that the fabric is puckered at the edge of the embroidery. She says it's not that bad with the tree pattern but she can imagine it would look really weird with some of the all-over embroideries. She finds it a little odd that they haven't yet "worked that out."

Embroidery Detail

The question we all want an answer to is would she actually buy this bedding. She revealed that she would purchase it but only if money grew on trees (ha!) because it's simply too expensive for something that the "cats get really hairy and dirty (like they do)."


Unknown said...

Hi - I actually stumbled upon this post because I was trying to find out more about the inmod bedding. Thanks for the pictures! Is this really the dark green? It looks different than I thought, I guess, but that could just be the picture.

Your blog is very fun and is feeding my design fix this afternoon. So, thanks for helping me through another day in my uninspired urban work place.

Mary said...

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