Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Worth the Week: Congestion

I was really sick this past weekend. So instead of running around playing shutterbug, I was stuck home on the couch with Photoshop and a big ol' box of lubed-up kleenex in my lap.

This week's photo is a mash-up of two photos, the only two things I actually accomplished this weekend: sneezing and Artichoke Pie. The layered image is inspired by the poisonous tickle of an angry sinus and the ability to view
Masters of Horror often, instantly.

Take one photograph,
trade thought for order and words,
call it Worth the Week.


bamboo said...

Man, I could really use some Artichoke Pie right now!

Cardboard said...

Ha, I think I could actually send you all the ingredients. Well, not eggs or pie crust. But you would still have to find an oven! I don't think this recipe would turn out well in a microwave.