Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year's Renovations

Happy New Year to all of you! We hope all of you find success, love, fulfillment, and comfortable socks in this new and sci-fizzle sounding decade. 2010 may sound like the future but the future is now.

Speaking of now, Porcelain and I are going to take a little blogging break. We've been Painting Walls Orange... for nearly four years and we are now - finally!- a little burnt out. We wish there was some kind of device that could put it all into perfect order but we think it's time for some major renovations.

But please don't worry that Design Boner will never get (it) up again. We're not worried! We will continue to post just not as often. This next month will find us powering brunching and, over Bloody Mary flights and rose petal butter, we will scale back, seek out the creative, and focus on what sets Design Boner apart.

If you have any thoughts on what direction this blog should take - what do you love? what do you love (not so much) - we're completely open to the feedback. We hope to have more figured out by the end of January. Until then, please feed yourself on our RSS so you don't starve yourself of wit and...

!...STAY TUNED...!

1 comment:

nessie said...

Well, I suppose it is hibernation season after all! Have a good respite, you two...luv, one admiring fan.