Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Dining room mock-up

Clockwise from top center: PH5 pendant lamp, at DWR; Modern drape rod, at Pottery Barn; Wool panel with grommets, at West Elm; Norden dining table, at Ikea; Rona stemware, at CB2; Ikea 365+ dinner plate, at Ikea; Spin napkin, at Crate & Barrel; Strand flatware, at Crate & Barrel; Fiberglass shell chair, at Modernica; Wegner Wishbone chair, at Room & Board

After Thanksgiving, I've really had the desire to make my dining area look more put together. Our dining room shares space with my painting studio and it has worked out, for the most part, but it can get pretty cluttered.

I'm tossing around the idea of switching our dining room and our living room, although if you want to get technical, we'd be moving it into its properly designated room. I'd still share the front room, but this time with the boob tube. Imagine painting and watching some Gossip Girl, my semi-secret guilty pleasure! All of my paintings will start being of Serena and Blair.

Don't fret Cardboard! You will always be my

My one big reluctance is that we'll go through the trouble of moving all of the heavy furniture and end up not liking it - only to be forced to move it back (and having Hardwood not too pleased with this hair-brained scheme of mine).

To get the creative juices flowing, I made a mock-up featuring a few items we already have (table, shell chairs, dishes/tableware) and a few Scandinavian classics that I've always wanted. We have three Eames shell chairs in yellow ochre, so I'd like to round out the set with a few more. (I'm currently scouring eBay.) I feel the black wishbone chairs at either end of the table would balance out all the lighter colors, as would the dark curtains and rod. And I'd give anything to get rid of our '80s chandelier. (Also scouring eBay for a good deal on the PH5 light.)

So how do you think I should propose these suggestions to Hardwood? Anything you'd add or subtract from the mock-up?

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Cardboard said...

Of course you MUST first imagine which color/flavor of Pucker would go with this new room...