Friday, December 11, 2009

Bonus Bone: Hand Towels by PataPri

Iroiro Hand Towel, $15 at Etsy

Yuko Uemura, the creative force behind PataPri, is getting this screenprinting thing just about right. A graphic designer who spends her time in both Tokyo and Chicago, she loved her screenprinting class at Lillstreet Art Center so much that she decided to start her own handmade business.

What I love about her hand towels is the girlish simplicity. First of all, everyone can use a towel - in the kitchen, in the bathroom - so the product is necessary, basic. But then Uemura makes each towel special with a smart, sweet, but never saccharine design.

Besides hand/dish towels, she also prints on aprons and tote bags. Her Etsy shop also lists bedding, tablecloths, and paper products, although these categories are empty now. I'm so sad; I'm so curious. Perhaps, if we buy enough towels, we can fund her new year printing spree and satisfy our textile habit!

For this reason, I, Cardboard, declare this a Design Boner.


Katie said...

Great design!! I searched her blog for non-listed items.



There wasn't much on tablecloths. The bedding is totally adorable!

Cardboard said...

Nice work, P! I love the apples in the corners of the pillowcases. So nice.