Monday, September 14, 2009

Renegade Find: Clinton Reno Posters

It's a good thing Porcelain posted about those ReFrames last week because I just discovered the artwork of Clinton Reno.

Reno, a Columbus-based illustrator/printmaker/"nicest guy in the world," has heavy focus on music for his posters and prints, but he also whips up masterpieces for the local farmers' market or ice cream parlor openings.

What I like about his art is that each image - whether he's working with clean, bold lines or quick, sketchy marks - is designed and polished in a clear Reno style but each image also promotes its own identity and mood.

Visit his site to read more about him and to buy lots of wall candy.

1 comment:

Back Garage said...

Wow -- I love these! Always happy to find a new poster artist. I've been addicted to Bird Machine for a long time.