Monday, August 24, 2009

Press 'n' Dress

Madame est Servie, by Aïssa Logerot

I NEVER iron. But I might be more prone to do so if I had this ironing board/mirror standing up smart in the corner of my bedroom.

Of course I would have to buy an iron but, after doing so, I would certainly offer my (poor) ironing and (adequate) primping skills to designer Aïssa Logerot if she needs someone to test out this conceptual, multifunctional piece. Send me an email if you need a wrinkly and unaccessorized guinea pig, Aïssa!

Love the Pink Feets


Porcelain said...

The pink feet are a nice touch! And it looks like the actual board you iron on is also pink.

mintagehome said...

I too am not fond of ironing, I was just thinking the other day about doing a post on this subject. This board is nice but too bulky for our house.