Monday, August 31, 2009

More on Onions...

Porcelain's mention of onions (and where to put 'em) last week reminded me of these fun lights. The Cibola Table Lamp by Scabetti has been in my MUST POST file for awhile. I love it, especially in the burgundy, which brings to mind red onions, which then brings to mind my favorite sandwich (see #7).

After locating the Scabetti website, I discovered they also make a similar Cibola Pendant. So chic! If you're crying out to get your hands on one, you must contact the designers, as each piece is made to order.


Porcelain said...

Those are incredible!!!

MrBrownthumb @ Chicago Garden said...

The first set of lamps is really neat! I just cut up an Amaryllis bulb (not an onion, I know) and was looking at the scales and shape created inside, thinking: "someone needs to make something with this pattern." And now this.