Tuesday, July 28, 2009

6 & 7 Appreciation

Our show was a success! Check out some of our photography (above, border) that got us PAID.

With reflective hearts and sore fingers, Porcelain & I had to un-install the 6 & 7 show this past Sunday. We worked hard on this project and we're taking a bit of a blog rest (if you call going through a million photos of photos "rest"). We'll be back to the blog soon, with our usual wit and phallicism.

In the meantime, know that we very much appreciate you...appreciating us. We need to specifically thank Debbie, Pup, Formica, Michael, Amy, Domino, The Hi-Rises, Leanne, Mike, Patti, Ania, Reinessa for laughing in the face of economics and buying some of our artwork. We are also completely in love with and touched by everyone who showed up, helped out, or lifted a glass of Pinot (above, center) in DB's arty honor.

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nessie said...

And a purchase I'll never regret, no less--that denaro would have just evaporated any other place, but now I've got something that'll keep me grinning for a long time. THANK YOU for showing this gal a DAMN FINE TIME--youz 2 ROCK!!