Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farrah & The Poster Revolution

I just read the sad news that Farrah Fawcett passed away this morning. She may have accomplished many things in her short lifetime but the one thing she'll always be remembered for is her guaranteed presence on the bedroom wall of every hetero-boy in the late '70s.

In honor of Farrah, the newly anointed angel, let's remember our teenage poster portraits. Whose eyes did you gaze into, while picking out the names of your future children (and horses)? Or maybe it was [insert hottie here]'s mile-long legs that gave you your first lesson, as it were.

My dreamboat of choice was Corey Haim. I loved, loved him - with his big eyes, bigger hair, and squeaky not-quite-a-man voice. Fellow Haim'er, Candid Karina, provided the only image I could find online of the poster that also shared my wall space. Just look past the flash spot and awkward family photo to the gelled and leathered Corey...sigh. The reason for my obsession should be obvious.

So tell us all who made you swoon and provide pics and/or links, if you can!


nessie said...

OH, boy -- it took a minute, then I remembered, I had a thing for Jimmy Connors (top tennis dude-1970's), --also enjoyed my sisters Teen Beat posters of Sean Cassidy and that other Hardy Boy..gonna take longer than a minute for that recollection...

Anonymous said...

I think my parents should have known something when their son had not one but 3 full sized New Kids on the Block posters -- which I think I might still have somewhere at their house. Dang, I should've sold those when their album dropped last year.

I remember a friend saying he had a picture of me in my room with my NKOTB posters and it would be good for blackmail some day.

sunny said...

John Stamos

Scott Baio

and the brunette boy who played the almost-like-family brother on Little House (his older brother was on the show JAG)

*sigh* cuties.

JoDee Jetton said...

OMG Had to be the Barishnikov ABT posters- loved him - for a 17 year old girl- he was sooooo- oh sexy and RUSSIAN- oh I simply swooned over him - took those posters to my college dorm room too - when a friend thought they were photos of my boyfriend at the time- I knew I was in love