Sunday, June 07, 2009

Three Years!

Three years ago today, design boner was born! We decided to celebrate the occasion by spending a fun-filled day together, along with one of our dearest friends (material name yet to be determined). Brunching, dancing, and drinks. The perfect trifecta!

At Fiddlehead Cafe, Porcelain inhaled her plate of Chilaquiles and washed it all down with a Spicy Bloody Mary. Cardboard chose the deliciously flavorful Truffled Eggs and a cup of coffee with a hint of cream.

With full tummies and just a tiny bit sleepy, we headed over to the Athenaeum Theatre to see Little Dead Riding Hood performed by Chicago Tap Theatre. Cardboard had seen two members of this dance company perform earlier this year and we were all so glad she told us about this production. Completely wowed and inspired, we all knew we'd be googling Chicago tap dance classes as soon as we returned home.

To close up the day, we went for a birthday drink at the sophisticated but not snotty In Fine Spirits. Cardboard chose the elegantly named Bonaventure (12 Bridges Gin, Junmai Ginjo sake, cucumber, lemon, mint) and Porcelain went with the summer classic, Pimm's Cup (Pimm's No. 1 Cup, fever-Tree bitter lemon soda, cucumber, strawberry, lemon, mint). A nearby table was also celebrating a birthday. They were sweet enough to offer us a slice of their ice cream cake, which we happily fed to one another (see photo above).

It was a perfect day with a perfect friend!!

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Alisonrose said...

Happy birthday DB!