Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wish List : Eames Rocker

Fiberglass shell rocker, at Modernica

Earlier this month Hardwood and I celebrated our 4th Wedding anniversary! We celebrated by enjoying a leisurely morning and a late brunch. We then spent the afternoon browsing around a couple of antique stores in our neighborhood and later treated ourselves to an amazing meal at
Green Zebra.

At one antique store, Hardwood spotted an Eames Rocker and proclaimed his love. I knew we were meant to be together!! We checked out the price tag and were stunned to see $1600!!! WTF?! Seriously?! We grumbled, but then I remembered that Modernica allows you to build your own chair. So when we got home from our walk we started messing around with the shell, runner, and leg colors. Our favorite combination is the moss shell, zinc legs and walnut runners. Maybe on our next anniversary we'll get this!


Joanne Gipson said...

Hello...I follow your updates on Facebook.

My husband and I have an Eames replica rocker we got from Sparkability ( for our son's nursery. We ordered a second one for downstairs, but ended up never needing/using it and never opening the box. It's white with zinc legs and walnut runners. We were going to list it on ebay for what we paid ($374) since it's still brand new in the box. If you're interested in buying it, we live in Riverside, but my husband works downtown and could possibly drop it off.

Porcelain said...

Wow! The power of the internet! I love it!!! Thanks Joanne! I'll talk it over with Hardwood and see what he says!

Joanne Gipson said...

Sounds good -- just shoot me a note on Facebook. :-)