Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sex & The Settee

Okay, so on the well-meaning but evil advice of a close friend, I joined up with a free online dating service. On a side note, I have since "hidden" my profile because the onslaught of American flag leather jackets and motorcycles freaked me the @!&! out. But, before my chaste retreat, I dabbled enough to find a discouraging bit of info:

Men's TOP TEN Favorite/Least Favorite Conversation Topics

PlentyofFish.com, being the helpful little data engine that they are, decided to enlighten me with these two lists of things men do/don't like to talk about on dates. Antiques, ladies, comes in at #6 on the I-Don't-Understand-a-Word-You-Just-Said list. Gardening (on same list) is at #9.

However, #3 on the Happy-to-Chat list is "Hobbies/Interest in General" and #4 is "Hopes and Aspirations." So - do you see where I'm going? - what if it happens that one's hopes/dreams/hobbies just so happen to include antiques and the desire to play in the dirt?

I am so (un)screwed.

And, just because I know you're all dying to read the complete lists, here they are:

Leg Study, by ejholmes

(click image to enlarge)


Bree said...

You can always call me to talk about antiques and weeds, durlin. And any guy who doesn't respect and support what his ladyfriend is into isn't worth the time it takes to type "douche."


Cardboard said...

Sing it sister, ha.

Marian said...

I tried Plenty of Fish for about a month, went on 3 dates (2 crazies, one cool guy but no chemistry) and decided its prob better to meet guys practicing my hobbies than online. Good luck! Maybe you'll have funny date stories now ;)

Cardboard said...

Thanks, Marian, for the input. 2 crazies, huh? I like the crazies so maybe I'll give it another shot.

this humble abode said...

you should try being a lesbian. we talk about gardening and celebrities all the time.

Cardboard said...

Ha HA, Humble Abode! Wonder what's on your NO TALK list? Stuff like this?

this humble abode said...

I'm wearing that one-piece body trimmer right now!