Friday, April 10, 2009

All About INV/ALT

We here at design boner have made a HUGE oversight: we did not (until now) have INV/ALT listed in our side bar. We are flaccid in our embarrassment.

In order to correct the matter, allow us to swiftly introduce Angela Schwab, the designer/bike enthusiast/natural blond behind INV/ALT:

We've only met Angela once, a Denver dinner with discussion of meat + chocolate and custom chrome, but we've since struck up a right jolly friendship. But you don't need to know how we met her (my friend dated this girl who was near BFF's with Angela and he said she, Angela, was a little crazy but thought we'd all hit it off - true), you only need to know that she's rather amazing.

Magnetic Cups

We first noticed her Snap Cups. Then came her Magnetic Cups. We all rejoiced when Umbra picked up her Benta Plates and sad when they discontinued them. One might think she would rest on her laurels or give in the art towel but...hold up...she's already onto something new.

When she's not too (un)busy playing with her no-longer-a-guide dog or discovering/creating the most cleverly pointless websites, you may find her co-authoring the Annoyance Allowance, organizing Pecha Kucha: Denver, GOCCO'ing building blocks, reupholstering a chair, or obsessing over sugar and biscuit shoes.

So we apologize, Angela Schwab of INV/ALT, for not having you in our list sooner. We'd add you to the TOP but that would defy the alphabet and that ain't how we (blog) roll.

Love INV/ALT like we do: Portfolio and Blog.


Bree said...

Angela is the BALM.

Angela Schwab said...

Total SHOCK to find my mug on the top of your blog. Thank you my dearies!! Expect my next project to be a shrine devoted to my design boner pals :)

Porcelain said...

yay!!! db shrine!!!