Friday, March 13, 2009

Sick & Silver

The Silver Room, at Crazy Bear Oxford

I'm all laid up in bed, burning through both the first season of 30 Rock and an entire box of kleenex. I feel like crap...if crap had sinus passages that could get all clogged up and then - after the 40th sneeze of the day - they clear for two precious seconds and I CAN BREATHE AGAIN and this is so wonderful (!) and....oh ow, my head... [re-snot]

You get it. But I'm thinking an ornate silver bed might make me feel a teensy bit better about this situation.
Photo credit: Telegraph


Porcelain said...

Crazy ornate bed!!! But fun!!!

Call the doc! Might have the sinus infection that Hardwood and I had.

Mama C said...

Bamboo has the same thing today... Uh oh. Must be internet contagion...

nessie said...

OMG--what a concept---who gets to polish that sucker?!