Saturday, March 21, 2009

RuMe Bags

RuMe Bags, at Delight

Oh, pretty pattern! Not since the Envirosax have I been so attracted to a reusable grocery tote. Yet these RuMe bags (get it? roomy...) are less expensive (3 for $25) and they're constructed to stand open, like an "old-fashioned paper bag."

One last reason to grab some for yourself:
apparently "Nicole Richie and Joel Madden LOVE their RuMe Bags
" (yet the Delight link is broken so I'm wondering who, really, is behind this celebrity endorsement).


katiedid said...

Very cute! Gotta look into these...

Tracey said...

Hi there,
Thanks for the nice post! Sorry the link wasn't working for you, but you can see a picture of Nicole Richie with Joel Madden carrying the same RuMe Bag you featured right here:


Cardboard said...

Thanks, Tracey, for the Nicole/Joel update! They look HOT.