Friday, February 13, 2009

V-Day Decor

I don't normally dress up my house for Valentine's Day but today, I'm feeling the love. And I owe this warm and fuzziness all to the crafty blogger at Mintage Home.

Click over to this charming blog for tutorials on how to make a sparkly LOVE banner, glittery heart blocks and/or mobiles, or even a welcoming window display.

Love Covered Front Door

Thanks, MintHome, for the spreading the love (and glitter) around like homemade butter!


mama c said...

Happy Valentine's Day, C & P!

Porcelain said...

Thanks Mama C!

Mintagehome said...

Oh, I love you guys, Thanks so much for the post!

Cardboard said...

You're welcome, Mintagehome. I hope your weekend was filled with sugar.