Monday, February 16, 2009

Askin' Dad

Today, I'm thinking a lot about dads...or fathers or pops. No matter what you call him, your father plays a vital role in your life. Whether he's around or not, nice or not; he's one half of the tuner that sets your individual tone.

Both Porcelain and I are now living without the advantage of fatherly advice. It's something you get used to but the vacancy always finds ways to sneak back in. I often envy the playful bond of a close father/daughter relationship but, right now, I would settle for a few emergent phone calls when I'm re-tiling the bathroom, a quick email explaining to me why boys are so dumb.

Today, let's just dish happy about Dad. We want to hear the stories, home-related or not, about how the words or actions of your father made all the difference.


Bree said...

As you can probably tell from that link up there, I hold my dad in high esteem. That said, these are some of the top words of wisdom he's imparted to me over the years:

"Nothing is valued that is easily obtained." (Helpful in my confidence to have a non-slutastic adolescence.)

"It's not the highs and lows of life that you'll remember, it's the intensity. So embrace it." (Helpful when I feel like I'm on the bus in Speed with no K-nu.)

"Marriage (and kids) are the only things that truly get you out of the prism of self." (Helpful when I realize I can still be in the prism of self without causing any real damage.)

"Pretzels are disgusting." (Helpful in realizing that my dad is not, in fact, infallible.)

V said...

Where to begin. My dad was Mr. Mom, and the biggest influence on my life. In bad times, he always reminds me, "this too shall pass." He rubbed my back when I was 7 years old and puking into a bucket. He helped me with my my math homework every day. He went to every single one of my dance recitals, choir concerts, theater performances, and soccer games, and he video taped each one. When we had to put down my cat, he sat with me in a rocking chair as we both cried. There are so many of these.

His father died a few weeks ago, and I miss grandpa, but it has also made me think what I will do when my own dad passes. I don't know yet, and that's a long way off, but in the mean time, it's a good reminder to make the most of the time we have now.

Porcelain said...

I was totally Daddy's Little Girl and loved being it. My favorite store when I was little was the hardware store cause I got to hang out with my Dad. I would always get absorbed by the huge bins of nuts and bolts.

My Dad was also one of the funniest people I've ever known. My brothers and I definitely got our senses of humor from him.

Cance said...

there's so many good things to say about my dad, but one of my favorites is when he sends postcards for no reason. he's a letter carrier, and he also signs my name up for random catalogues. when i asked him about it, he told me it was job security.
plus, just yesterday, a message on my answering machine: aloha out there in honolulu. we're over here trying to figure out how to print something. your sister is too impatient to help, and your brother is no where to be found. if you get this within the hour, call us back. if not, well, we love you anyway.

it's hard being so far away from family.

Jenny RInzler said...

I was just talking about my dad before reading this.
He was never very affectionate, and I was definitely not a "daddy's girl" but he did make us fresh orange juice when we were sick. And that's a pretty loving thing to do.

Allison said...

I miss my dad terribly. The following is the best advice he ever gave me: I called him (I was probably 19) because I wanted to find out the best way to clean a mildewed shower curtain liner. He said "well, first you take it down. Then fill up your washing machine with hot water and add about a cup of vinegar. Turn on the washer and let it go through the cycle. Then take the liner and wad it up and throw it in the trash can. Now you have a clean washing machine and you can go get another liner." A reminder that not everything is worth bothering with.

Anonymous said...

My dad was beautiful the most badass pussy i know he was a man that never made me feel as if i could tale the mans role but i did i threw that football with a spiral he did not want to admit was just as good or close as his he was perfect and my best friend i know that everyone admired our friendship it is a shame he is gone not for me but for the others who would have gained from his love of all . Nobody thinks love is a hard trait but sometimes you are thrown in with someones who can not compare to your own . Thanks for the post miss that man