Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stage Yo' Self!

I think I've only seen one episode of HGTV's The Stagers. I wasn't too impressed because there seemed to be more "reality" drama than true Before and Aftering. Yet I just came across a prolific slideshow of some of the actual work!

Seeing the photos (without the annoying commentary and hijinks) is much more powerful than watching the show. The slideshow has about 13 makeovers and each one is worth a glance or a double take. I also must admit to falling in quick love with that sideboard above (xoxoo).

Whether you're thinking of selling soon or just find yourself stuck in a design rut, the slideshow is a handy reference tool. Of course, you could just hire your own stagers, an agile troupe of decorators, flinging sleek lines and coordination all over your place. From what I figure, that'd be one easy but costly circus. Yet this slideshow, with its inspiring pics and helpful captions, might be all you need to make your home look its universal best.

So bookmark this post for your future dealings in escrow and then get straight to work on that Craigslist ad for your puffy pleather sofas.


Anonymous said...

it must be nice to have thousands of dollars to restage for each room, though.

The arco lamp in the loft redo is $2k alone.

Cardboard said...

That's why us poor folks must look, take notes, and then focus on furniture arranging (not on the furniture itself).

Anonymous said...

stop thinking poor for one and...

the Arco lamp knock-off is $199 from EQ3

this look can be created without spending alot of money


take NOTES between dramatic segments