Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hello? RCN?

Bamboo is leaving soon. I'll miss her company tremendously but, even more than that, I'll miss her share of the rent! (JK, Bamboo, JK!)

So as she bubblewraps her most-treasured items, I'm facing the task of forming a new (and serious) budget. I realize I need to trim some fat and dropping a Starbucks or two just won't cut it.

The question I pose to you is one of cable and internet. Right now, we're paying Comcast $100+ per month for internet access and basic cable. No more! I really want to keep my cable TV because I'm addicted to Bravo and Porcelain's addicted to my coffee break re-caps. You're reading this online - ipso facto - I needs me my internets.

My thought is to switch to RCN? Do you use them? Are they great? What's your monthly bill look like? Their website is showing a promo of about $65/month for TV and web. Sounds like a good deal to me but I'd like your input.

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