Monday, September 08, 2008

Mama C as Motivation

One of the reasons I'm so gung-ho to get going on my own home projects is because Mama Cardboard has put an entire summer into fixing up her place. With Bamboo's help, they spackled, sanded, painted, stripped, hung and re-hung, and even put in a new light fixture.

Yet today is the biggest feat yet: Mama C is finally getting new carpet! She's been waiting for this for years and today marks the first day of installation. Together with the freshly painted trim and walls, it's going to look like a brand new house.

Even though she's not completing the install herself, she had plenty of prep work to accomplish before the overalls show up. Check out this hi-lar-i-ous narration of Mama C and the relocation of the enormous and CIRCULAR dining room table:

"The main problem was that I didn't know where to put it. So I decided to take the top off. I unscrewed it ok, but then there is a mechanism for locking the base together that still connects the top and bottom. It looked way too complicated to consider removing that, so I decided to screw the top back on. Well... then the base came apart and I couldn't get it back together, and, therefore couldn't screw the top back on. I struggled and struggled and then decided to take a break. I had a cup of coffee on the porch and was thinking of asking [a neighbor] to come help me... After coffee, I thought I would give it one more college try, before giving in and asking for help. I got underneath the table, lifted the top with my back, squeezed the base together while inserting a yard stick to raise the lock between the two pieces, and then once they were together, reached up and behind me to the top of the table to grab the lock and lock the base together. Can you picture it?! Hilarious. I screwed the top back on and then rolled the table out to the front room by the big window. Hopefully, it is not in the way there, 'cause that is where it is going to stay!"

Congratulations, Mama C! All barefoot, all the time!!


Mama C said...

Ha, ha, ha. Yes, I continue to amaze myself (Amazing Race, here I come!). Although, I was super tired last night, and there is an odd very dark, very sore bruise just on the top of my shoulder...

Carpet going in now and looking good!! What a treat!

Cardboard said...

You should take some photos now before the cats throw up on it!

And sorry, in advance, for the first time that happens.