Tuesday, September 30, 2008

...Get Set...

Okay...so it's been about a month since I told you all about my intention to whip my place into shape. Well, here at DB, that's how we roll...slowly.

My plans are still on the forefront (despite my non-flurry of posting) but, in
order to move forward, I need to set the stage with some history. You may be curious as to why I've named my house (and subsequently tagged these fix-it posts with), The Kalamath.

I bought and moved into this condo in the summer of 2004. At that point, many of my friends were still single and renting...or hitched and renting. I was terribly nervous about being one of the first to buy for the first time but then I got a little pouf of inspiration. I heard, through the grapevine, that an old friend of mine (from high school) had recently purchased her first home in Denver, Colorado. She was single and professional and she went out and claimed her independence by buying up her own gosh darn home. This initiative, girl-power purchase just happened to be located on Kalamath Street.

So, in honor of my high school friend, who boosted me up enough to wade through property inspections, interest rates, and broker meetings and because I love the Cape Cod tradition of naming homes, I dubbed my new condo-cottage: The Kalamath.

And then my best friend, The Plumber, made me a nice plaque.

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