Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crate and Barrel's Rug Trick

Asimi Rug(s), at Crate and Barrel

When I first saw this photo on Crate and Barrel's website, I was intrigued by such an odd rug: a dark center with a light border, similar but not identical patterns. Then I realized (ha ha) that it is actually two separate rugs, one sitting atop the other.

So I checked them out and found that the rug is the Asimi Rug in Neutral (light tones) or Brown (the dark). I guess if I had to prefer one over the other, I'd go with the Neutral. It's pretty.

Asimi Rug in Neutral, $299 - $1099

Yet I've got to say that I'm a little bummed that the rug, the double one shown at top, doesn't exist. Would buying both and stitching them together be totally crazy?


Mike said...

Yes, I believe that would be at least mostly crazy, if not totally crazy.

iheartdesign said...

Placing rug on top of rug was "trendy" in the Victorian era, which is no surprise since people back then tended to go overboard with gobbl-di-goop (that is an official word by the way!). Bummer that they don't sell the top one - I wonder why.

Cardboard said...

I'm sorry. I made that confusing. They do sell both rugs, neutral and brown, separately. They just don't sell a rug that appears to be both, one that would look like the top photo.

Sorry again. I think I just made this more confusing!

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