Friday, September 19, 2008

Bonus Bone: Obama in Words

My Bonus Bone selection isn't an interior design, I realize, but it's important, timely, and aesthetically righteous.

This shirt designed by Nicholas Nocera of Alison Rose shows a powerful portrait of Barack Obama drawn out with words. The lines of text are mostly quotes from Obama's DNC acceptance speech with other sound bite gems thrown in.

Some of us believe in this man a lot and some of this believe in him a little but I think we're all filled with a bit more hope. If you're feeling the same way, visit Alison Rose to show your support across your chest. The shirt's available for men and women, in organic natural or a soft blue, for $22. The cherry on top is that a portion of each sale goes straight to Obama for America Campaign.

For these reasons, I, Cardboard, declare this a Design Boner.

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