Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Are You Getting Away?

Castellammare, Sicily
I speak only for myself when I say that this whole blogging thang has got me rather stressed out. I know, I know - you're probably thinking, "But you guys hardly post..." Pish Posh! It's hard to come up with new and clever ways to say THIS CHAIR LOOKS NICE. Sometimes it's near impossible to force open the laptop. Which leads me to...

[insert sigh here]

I'm gearing up for one so Porcelain & I are wondering if you're doing the same. And to where? And I'm all out of clever so it's time for a survey!

Upcoming travel plans?
Yes! Although it seems like a lot of travel time just to take a seven day nap on the beach. But there will be rum punch!
Yes! I finally taking a whirlwind trip to [blank] which I've been planning since I was [blank]!
Yeah. But it's only grandmas/family reunion/road trip to IKEA.
Kinda. I'm part of the summer library program so I'll be reading my way through journeys to distant lands...
Nope. I can't read on the bus. Which is where I'll be. As I go to work. Sucks.
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Photo credit: Mama C's neighbor

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Matt is taking me to Wyoming on Saturday. We'll come back Tuesday. Envy me the 12 to 14-hour round-trip drive, the excitement of trying golf for the first time (and surely sucking miserably at it) and the fact that apparently EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN TOWN BUYS YOU MULTIPLE DRINKS ALL DAY LONG.

I will be puking in my motorized cart and rinsing out my mouth in the ballwasher before the trip is through.

I am excited as hell to go there, however.