Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Letterpress in My Brain

You know how when you have something really tough to tell someone and you have no idea how to say it...

You think about calling them but then you wouldn't be able to read their body language. Or you draft a few emails but emoticons, although handy for quick notes, are truly anti-emotional - mocking, even.

Though it may seem an impossible design, I fully believe in face-to-face. You're going to think that you'll never live through it (you will) or that you might throw up (hope you don't). But when it's done and all is said, you will feel better for being a grown-up.

If you chicken out though - if you just can't do it - keep things at least somewhat personal. Get out your pen and find the perfect card:

Some Things Just Suck, by letterarypress, $4 on Etsy

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