Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The house from Nightmare on Elm Street

The cover of Living Etc.'s May issue featured the gorgeous home of former model/actress Angie Hill. I fell in love with the curved archways (inspired by Ugly Betty's Mode set), beautiful white interior, and the gorgeous pool. It also turns out that this was the house featured in Nightmare on Elm Street. The article included a link to Angie's Picasa albums, which had some amazingly awful before, crazy ripped-to-the-studs mid-renovation, and beautiful serene-after photos. I've snagged a few choice before and afters, but check out more of the before, middle, and after albums.

House BEFORE: Very appropriately moody looking photo

: What the hang happened here?!!

Living Room BEFORE: There's so much crap in this room. I feel really sorry for those windows!!!

Living room AFTER: Aaaaaah!! Much better!!!

Kitchen BEFORE: Dark, dingy and just sad.

Kitchen AFTER: Cover shot! Light, airy, modern, hip, and totally freakin' sweet!

Pool BEFORE: Ew! Just ew!!

Pool AFTER: SPLASH!!! (Sound of Porcelain cannonballing into the pool.)


Anonymous said...

I never understood the hanging chair thing. I'd always be worried I was going to pull the ceiling down.

I do love the circular archway.

Cardboard said...

I totally hear you, dnfrommn! It's a fun look but I would absolutely never sit in it. I probably wouldn't mind if the cats did though but that's one expensive cat perch.

Anonymous said...

OH my god, I could not sleep for WEEKS after I saw that movie in 7th grade! I don't know if I could live there, lovely as it is!

Whoever did the pool is a miracle worker - the before picture looks like the pool in "Knocked Up!" The after looks pristine and beautiful!


MsHill said...

That's so funny you put up pics from my house. Sweet. The hanging chair is very safe. It can hold up to 300 lbs.


Katie said...

Thanks for commenting Angie!!

Wow you are totally our first famous person to have commented! I'm totally excited with glee. GLEE!!

Seriously in love with your home. You did an amazing job.

MsHill said...

Thank you. I love my scary house now. :-)

Unknown said...

i love ur house, its nice that u kept the facade when i heard they were remodeling and i saw sum pics i thought they were making another house completely and i was sad but when i saw the results i totally admire u now for keeping the facade. have u seeing the 1rst nightmare on elm street circa 1984??? the house looks amazing then. r u a fan of freddy?

Michael said...

Hello, my name is Michael, I wonder if you knew when buying your home, that your house was also in the 1978 movie Halloween? Well it was and also if you watch Halloween and you watch the part as Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is coming from the upstairs if you look at the windows in the livingroom they are the same and so are the curtains, and also in this scene you can see a rocking hores and if you were to look back on your before pictures of the house before the after you will see that the horse from 1978 (Halloween) is the same horse from your before pictures and if you look at the before pic's of your front door and side lights, it was the same door that Lurie Strode was looking out of while waiting for her friend Lynda to come back from upstairs...I just thought that you would like to know, plus its a little more history on your house for you... I was also wondering if by chance you still have those white curtains from the before pic's cause if you do I wonder if you would be interested in selling them? I love what you have done with the house and I wish you and your family the best.. Michael M.

Unknown said...

This is Mark Patton, Jesse from NOES2. tThebhousemlooksvgreatband Angie was a gracious hostess to us when we shot photos their. I am an interior designer now, the chair is hung from a beam and is super safe, they even have a bed that works the same. I have one in my home in Puerto Vallarta and I love it. Thanks again. Mark