Friday, May 02, 2008

Bonus Bone: "Set Piece"

Looks like a nice chair, yes? Clean, modern, a little basic, maybe, but probably well-made and expensive. This is exactly what artist and designer Peter Andersson wants you think but let's admire it from all angles, shall we?




Generally, I've always felt that artwork that pushes me off center and pulls out a smile, a sneer, tears, or any other kind of reaction I didn't expect, is good work. Peter Andersson's "Set Piece" made me catch my breath, grin, and then nod a lot (while still grinning). So, yes, good work.

Specifically, this conceptual piece speaks to me because it also represents what we do, collectively, as design bloggers. We publish the perfect micro-moment from our homes, knowing that it's styled and looks just so. As readers, you never see the mess we moved out of the way to get that shot. I think the jumble and chaos is beautiful in its own way (as are the wispy dustbunnies and pile of unopened mail) but these are the details uncelebrated.

With "Set Piece," Peter Andersson is letting it all hang out and challenging what we think is beautiful. Do we only value the glossy end-result or is the visible strength and construction of the piece more interesting? I say that it's both. Sure, I'll enjoy the aesthetics and serenity of the completed piece (or room or recipe or hair-do or home) but I'll appreciate it more if I can see its guts.

For these reasons, I, Cardboard, declare this a Design Boner.

Photo credit: Yanko Design

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