Thursday, April 10, 2008

When Two Trends Become One

Interiors Trend #1: Deer

Interiors Trend #2: Birds

Deer/Bird, at Etsy, $30
Mash them together and you get Deer/Bird! This small ceramic sculpture, by Etsy artist, therunnybunny, combines the two ubiquitous woodland fads into one "altered assemblage." Upon first glance, you might shrug and think, "Oh, just another deer...waidasecond...that's a bird head!"

It's just the right amount of interspecific creepiness to make the dainty statue stand out.


Anonymous said...

Now that is one surprising bit of weirdness! Yep--creeps me out a bit.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Too funny. You find the weirdest and wildest stuff!

please sir said...

Great combination!

katiedid said...

So funny!