Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Toronto or BUST!

Big - HUGE - news, everyone! I'm moving to Toronto! I can't believe I kept my mouth shut this whole time but I'm a big believer in jinxes so I could spare no hints. After work tonight, I finally got the word that it's a done deal! Sorry I'm babbling but...yippee!

Long story short, I got a big fancy job with a company that begins with a T- and ends with an -ime Warner. That was the final piece of the puzzle I was waiting for. So now that that's done, I can get to the fun stuff like...

I put in an offer on this adorable little place! The alley next to the house isn't ideal but it's an honest-to-goodness house (!) and it's in a sweet neighborhood that reminds me a little of Brooklyn (with the occasional French speaker).

Once I get to my new hometown, I can check out the stunning Elgin & Winter Garden Theatres (above, left) or walk around Toronto's underground city. Of course, I'll be hitting up the Bata Shoe Museum (below, left) and the Ontario College of Art & Design (above, right). I'll spend my free time shopping for upholstery in the Fashion District and passing holiday weekends at icewine vineyards near Niagara. Mostly though, I'll just admire my new skyline (below, right).

To celebrate (and because my new job is cushy), I snapped up this Danish Teak Dining Table on Ebay!

Should I pair it with the glitzy CB2 Bandit chairs (on left) or the curvy Queen Annes from Pottery Barn? I seriously can't believe this is all happening...!

Point & Cross photo by Thoughts Abound
Hardy ha, did I fool you? I almost fooled myself for a second there. And...sigh...now there's a part of me that wishes this wasn't a prank (because it's all stuff that I like).


Anonymous said...

That prank was so choice. Thanks for the minute long jealousy streak!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I totally believed it... but thought it was Porcelain... teehee. Good one. I didn't get any good pranks so PH-anks!

T8 said...

I always fall for April Fools jokes.


drey said...

oh wow that's a fantastic AFJ! you had me so ENVIOUS!