Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Style Time

Fabric Clock, at Suck UK
Now this is cool. It's a digital clock, constructed from walnut veneer and stainless steel. The cool part is the face - it's fabric and it's interchangeable. Feeling a little romantic and waking up to opera? Cut out a piece of flocked damask and affix it to your clock. Maybe you prefer NPR and a smart pinstripe? Done. You can even match your clock to your bedding.

The product is not yet available but is currently quoted at...yikes...$200. Maybe this can inspire a less expensive DIY.


Anonymous said...

It is cool, and I also agree, it could be done DIY pretty cheap. I don't know that Ikea has any red-led clocks though. Everyone has gone to backlit black on grey. :(

molly p said...

Having just bought a crappy red digital clock at Walgreen for out of town guests (you know who Jessica), I am given hope by this project. Unfortuntely, my lack of ingenuity might lead me to rely on duct tape. Wah.

Hearts and Crafts said...

I loved this until I saw the price! Ouch! Definitely much better as a DIY idea!