Thursday, March 06, 2008

Sinkwood at West Elm

To me, the base of this table lamp looks less like driftwood and more like used tissue. Somehow I don't ever think dirty snot rag chic will ever truly catch on.

And what's up with the styling in this photo anyway?

"On the left," I can almost hear the director say. "Just stick that yellow weed thingy here...lean it then!...shoot the booger lamp quick and we can still make happy hour."


Porcelain said...

I'm with you, it's not very driftwood like. If they didn't have to lacquer it white, it would look much better.

And yeah that little bit of wild flower in the back just looks retarded!

Anonymous said...

but if they didn't lacquer it white, it would look like a zillion other ugly lamps that you'll find at estate sales that were made in the 70s and are just waiting to start on fire as soon as you plug them in.

I'm all about incorporating interesting wood into my living space, but a lamp coming out of driftwood generally looks cheap rather than interesting.