Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pretty Pretty Iittala

I recently made an impulse buy of one of these Iittala Aino Aalto glasses. Bamboo, my roommie, had just complained about us having no medium-sized glasses and this nearly 12-ouncer fit the bill. Plus, while browsing through all the lovely glassware at The Sweden Shop, I kept coming back to Iittala's shape and the unique blues.

It took me many, many minutes to decide between the Blueberry Blue (top row, left) and the Sea Blue (middle row, left). Both of these shades seemed really fresh and new to me. The Blueberry was smoky and the Sea was brilliant. I finally decided to take home the Sea shade because I feel my kitchen could use a jolt.

When I get back there, I'll probably buy another glass. I paid $12.50 to The Sweden Shop for the single glass so it's
comparable to the "twofer" FinnStyle sale price. But, if I go back, I'll have to reserve at least an hour for trying to decide on color all over again because the Sand (bottom row, middle) is also very nice...

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Marianne said...

Oh yes, I have these and love them! They're very well-made, such that if you drop one it probably won't break.

Sadly, though, I seem to have lost the bright sky-blue one. It's sort of sad only having three.