Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Design Discourse: Framed Secretary

While neither of us feels strongly enough about this piece of furniture to turn this into a Design Debate, we still thought you might enjoy our email antics. We may not be snippy and aim below the belt but the dialogue is just as raw (and, of course, punctuation is ignored).

Design Discourse: Act 1
[polite applause]
[what do you think of] this... ?

Framed Secretary, at West Elm
i like it when it is open and being used as a desk. but closed up it looks a little top heavy. but overall i like it.

haha, i totally agree. for some reason, when it's all closed up, it reminds me of those mooninite dudes from aqua team hunger pants

Mooninites, image via Dundermedia

hahahhahaa!!!! that would be hilarious if someone constructed a desk to look like the mooninites. the best!

and check it out in this pic:

it's totally stalking the pretty new couch! you can't see it in this photo but it's totally got a pistola right up in her ribcage. (haha, that bowl of moss balls even looks like a sombrero)

hahaha!! it totally is stalking that couch!

i've decided: i don't like it. i don't need to worry about my furniture planning a revoluciĆ³n!

hahaha!!! or being a creepy stalker!!!

a mooninite...a back-alley stalker...el whappo?

El Guapo, image via IMDb

that is one shady piece of furniture.


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Reinessa said...

I was finding the clean lines rather appealing, and never would have gotten the mooninite ref. (too old, I think)-- but then I read the dialogue and those clean lines now have a sombrero and long shadow in the sand.
Thanks for the imaginative romp!

Carolyn said...

For your daily eye candy, I've given you an award: http://laughingaloneinthedark.blogspot.com/2008/02/omg-somebody-gave-me-award.html.

Cheers, eh.

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