Friday, February 22, 2008

Bonus Bone: Ceramic "Cardboard" Vases

Ceramic Cardboard Carton Vases, at Ashland Hardwood Gallery ($29-$135)
1) My name.
2) My appreciation for the "broke-down model"* approach to furnishings.

For these reasons, I, Cardboard, declare this a Design Boner.

* When something is still beautiful despite appearing "busted" or unattractive.


Alison Rose said...

These are awesome!
I'm pretty sure you HAVE to buy one, no excuses.

K T G said...

That's so the merging of cardboard and porcelain. Is it strange the site features a lot of hardwood?

Porcelain said...

Oh my god, does this mean Cardboard, Hardwood and I will be having a threesome or something?!?!?! Hahahhaa!!!!

K T G said...

Yeah, I think it's just a parallel ol' world out there sometimes. Anyway, I did my best to find a way to search the site, but alas. I haven't seen an article about Jason Miller from you, and if not already had, I think cardboard (and everyone) would get a kick out this stuff. I hope I'm not the last to know, but a few pieces from his Seconds series were tucked in with a larger theme a few weeks ago on Design*Sponge, and I followed a link, so there you go.