Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Michaels Framing Update

#841, by Ray Hartl
I did it. One year after receiving my Ray Hartl photograph (seen above), I finally got it framed. Well, it's getting framed, currently.
I took advantage of the Michaels 60% off custom framing sale. I know some of our readers said that I should be wary of the Michaels discount but I decided that if I didn't do the deed with even the idea of a discount, I'd never do it. Here's how the job broke down:

Photograph Measurements (already single-matted, in white): 32" x 32"
Glass (I opted for the "Masterpiece" glass, which reduces glare and optimizes detail - see middle panel below): $222.25 ($88.90, with discount).

Mounting & Fitting (whatever that really means): $44.50 ($17.80, with discount).
Frame (I had to opt for a much thicker frame than I had first picked out because the thinner frames wouldn't hold the weight of the glass): $314 ($125.60, with discount).

This all totals up to $606.40 (without the discount), which is almost double what the photograph itself cost. With the sale price, I paid only $263.78.
I think that's a pretty good deal and, in about two weeks, I'll show you what a good deal looks like.

ps. I received no hassle about the artist's signature on the piece.


Tara said...

Just out of curiosity, why would you get hassled for the artist's signature on the piece?

cardboard said...

On my last post about the Michaels framing sale, someone made a comment about having a problem with a piece of signed artwork. I re-read the post and now see that she wanted to cut her piece of signed artwork (which I didn't want to do) so it makes sense that I didn't have a problem.

Anonymous said...

FYI--I've had great success w/Michael's framing--their discounts were real & proved way cheaper than any other frame shop in my town. Hope you enjoy your newly framed art.