Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mercer St. Sideboard & the Resulting Pickled Oak Obsession

Trevor O'Neil of T.O.D. has gone and topped himself. His latest creation is this beau-ti-ful sideboard in pickled oak. The piece has a light, gauzy quality despite the fact that it sits squarely on the ground. The recessed handles are a nice touch and it looks like it feels soooo smooth.

Sadly, it's already been sold but it was priced at $7,000 so I couldn't have afforded it anyway. The pickled oak treatment has me inspired though. I'm thinking-thinking-thinking about ways to bring it into my own home (for less than seven grand, of course).

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Design Block said...

I am delighted to see the pickled oak. I like the yin-yang between the straight lines and the round hardware.
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