Sunday, January 13, 2008

INV/ALT Magnetic Design

I've had my eye on INV/ALT Design for awhile. I first took notice of their Snap Cups, small espresso-esque cups with snaps embedded in the sides. A novel idea, true, but I thought the effort of snapping the cups together combined with liquid might prove slightly disastrous.

But now INV/ALT (which stands for INVention/ALTeration) has debuted Magnetic Cups. Same idea: two-ounce cups with a super-strong magnet (instead of a snap) embedded in the side. Not only are the cups easy to locate for morning espresso (as they're magnetically attached to the machine) but they would also inspire an exciting game of Quarters.


INV/ALT design said...

Does this mean that the Magnetic Cups get to be a design boner??

Thanks Cardboard!

cardboard said...

Hellz yeah, INV/ALT Magnetic Cups are a design boner! Now go wash your mouth out with soap.

Kelly said...

love these. more fuel to add to my mug addiction fire.