Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ambidextrous Artwork

REPRESENT! I work at a library so I see a large amount of art books by known and unknown artists and photographers. Very rarely, however, do I see an exact replica of something from my own home in these obscure books.


Imagine my surprise(!) when, as I was flipping through a marvelous collection of photography by Aaron Ruell, I spotted the very same cheesy motel-esque piece of artwork within its pages (see above). Ruell captures fleeting moments of Americana with a taste and feel similar to the dingy/bright work of (my favorite) Nan Goldin. The mass-produced subject of this post is equally at home in a grimy motel room and near the sewer grate, outside my back door (see below).


To see more of Ruell's work, check out Some Photos from your local library.


seesaw designs said...

awesome :)

David Cieslak said...

I had a headboard exactly like this one and just sold it! Too funny :)