Sunday, December 09, 2007

More Than Toast

Toastabags, 2 for $10 at Firebox

This is the perfect gift for the lazy gourmet! Toastabags are "thick, plastic bags" that you can stick in your pop-up toaster. Use them to make grilled cheese, heat up a can of beans, or even cook pork chops.
I don't even want to know why the bag itself doesn't melt but there's video proof that the only thing that melts when you toast one of these bags is the cheese inside.


Porcelain said...

Man, this would have been perfect for Deuce Bigalow! Ha! I can't believe I just admitted online that I've seen this movie. (And if that's not enough, Hardwood and I actually OWN a copy of that movie!! It's really funny! HONEST!)

Kelly said...

these scare me a little - yet i'm oh so curious!