Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Great gifts under $50: Anything and everything from Zingerman's

Zingerman's Farm loaf bread

Whenever Hardwood and I head back home to Michigan, we always make sure we stop at Zingerman's to pick up some goodies. You seriously cannot go wrong with ordering anything from here. Here are a few favorites and treats that I've always wanted to try:

Agrodolce vinegar - This vinegar is fantastic! Wonderful on salads. When we bought it the guy in the vinegar/olive oil section said it tastes great on apples.

Italian Balsamic tasting set - Hardwood and I are Balsamic lovers. After tasting some really amazing, sweet, tangy, syrupy Balsamic, we cannot go back to the harsh, cheap variety they sell at the supermarkets. I've always wanted to try this little sampler set to see the difference in aging.

Zingerman's breads are the bomb!!! You can't go wrong with any of their loaves. We always stock up and get several loaves when we are home. We chuck them in the freezer and heat them up when we're ready to use them. Our favs are Paesano, farm loaf, French mountain bread, and caraway rye (great for making Rubens).

Cheese - I just ordered a British cheese passport (which goes over the $50 gift guide limit) for Christmas with my family. But you can order individual cuts of cheese that fit your budget. You won't be sorry. I've ordered some of their Stilton before and it was wonderful. I'm really interested in trying their raw milk Stichelton. And you can never, NEVER go wrong with some good Parmigiano-Reggiano. Hardwood is a big lover of their cream cheese.

There are so many other great items that if I tried to list them all, this post would be outrageously long!!! Try any of their olive oils, mustard, honey, coffee or sweets and you'll be the hero of your Holiday get-together!

*Note: Zingerman's web site has been running really slow, so be patient or place your order via phone at

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I love love love LOVE Zingerman's!