Friday, December 28, 2007

Bonus Bone: Darla

Darla in the Window
I'd like to introduce you all to the newest member of my knick-knack family. This is Darla. She's a stuffed felt bird who stands about six inches high, has a crooked beak, and reminds me a bit of myself.

I first saw her a week or so ago and I haven't been able to stop thinking about her bulbous rose-colored body and kicky thread-wrapped feet. A few days ago, I returned to Two-Sided, a lovely Chicago stationery (etc) shop, and adopted her.

I love having her home and she appears to be happy with her new surroundings. She stands there; sometimes on one foot, sometimes on the other; and just makes me happy. But I've noticed that she also gets lost in thought and seems a bit melancholy. Like I said, reminding me of me.

She's definitely got a jaunty fun side but she's also quite shy. Oh, oops. Okay, like now. I think she needs some alone time.

For these reasons, I, Cardboard, declare this a Design Boner.

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Leah said...

Oh, I *love* her!