Sunday, October 28, 2007

Oh, Rockies...

Dear Rockies-

Don't feel too bad. You gave it your best. We believe you can get there again next year. Just start practicing now.

Chin up-
Cardboard & Porcelain

ps. So does this mean your gear is on clearance?


Mama Cardboard said...

Been kind of depressing around here for a couple of days... But we have to remember that the Rockies are still the NL Champs and had a great fun ride to the World Series. The city has been pumped up for weeks, and baseball got a real shot in the arm for next year. We were all hoping that the Red Sox would stay in their slump, and the Indians would win the ALCS. That would have been a more evenly matched series and more fun to watch. The Sox and the Yankees should just take their big bucks and go off by themselves - nobody else wants to play them.

Next year... Go Rockies!

Mama Cardboard said...

Ha ha. You're right. Lots of big sales now. Anybody need a World Series hat...?

Alison said...

I'm proud of the rockies just for making it! Maybe next year!