Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Big Yellow House

My mom's house is looking rather pretty lately. Maybe, since I only make it home a couple times a year, I'm seeing it through new eyes. Or maybe I'm only paying attention now because, "I've got blogging to do!" Regardless*, when I do finally get there, I'm noticing lots of sweet little moments.

Second Floor Back Deck, off Master Bedroom

Dining Room
(it was 6am - please excuse darkness)

Detail, Dining Room

FOUND Glass Collection
(unearthed when we dug out space for a deck in our backyard)

Freshly-Organized Garage

* I honestly think her house looks better because us kids done moved out. Finding time for design is probably easier when one doesn't have three boogery babies>messy kids>destructive teenagers to worry about. Happy birthday, Mama C.


Katie said...

Oh I love the tricycle hanging on the wall!!!

Happy birthday Mama C!

Anonymous said...

You guys are the best! Thanks!

bamboo said...

Happy Birthday Momma! I love the pics especially the deck one because it looks like New Mexico adobe style! Super Great.

katiedid said...

Sweet post and love the house!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday mom! These pictures are really amazing.

one of the boogery babies>messy kids>destructive teenagers