Monday, October 08, 2007

House Tour at the Rock of Love

I feel I need to come clean about something and, even though I'm going against the advice that I should keep this to myself, I must purge myself of this experience.

On Sunday, I lounged around on my couch, in my PJ's, and watched at least six solid hours of VH1's Rock of Love.

I don't know what it was: the weather, the planetary alignment, too much beer the night before; whatever the reason, watching an episodic marathon of a slightly washed-up but down-to-earth rocker, in all his doo-raged and eyelinered glory, woo a whole slew of slutty/hilariously drunken/manipulative but endearing wannabe-rocker chics seemed like the perfect Sunday afternoon activity. At the end of the whole thing, I felt a bit guilty that the only thing that filled my day was tons of '80s hair and a couple plates of nachos, so I've decided to redeem myself and dig something productive out of the whole nasty business. Lucky for me, VH1 posted a house tour!

Design ideas to avoid from the Rock of Love house:

Too much chrome/aluminum in the kitchen

Weird, vacant spaces filled with furniture best suited for the intro scene in a porno

Open stage-hand scaffolding as decoration...
Unless it's outside and then it's kinda cool

Design ideas to steal from the Rock of Love house:

Split graphics on double doors

Collection walls

Trays of nail polish

And my guilty pleasure, my design risk, the one item I'm sure is either totally rad or horribly trashy...

Cheetah-felted pool table
(Please ignore the cheetah-felted stage because that will sway your vote.)

Since Bret Michaels got majorly dissed in the last (reunion) episode, I assume there will be a Rock of Love 2. I'm sending out the official proposal that Porcelain & I can do way better than this place!

Proof: we'd incorporate lots of these :

Ray Table Lamp, by Element Design


Ana Herda said...

You are not alone, Rock of Love was my guilty pleasure.

laure said...

You are SO not alone. This was the greatest (read: worst) show ever. Thanks for the great commentary, you really nailed it.

Anna @ D16 said...

HA HA HA!! Yes, I love this show too. I'm so glad it's coming back, and I'm really hoping hard that Heather will get her own show. Between her 80's porn 'dos and Bret's plastic weaves, I've been in gross hair heaven every week.

(WTF is up with all the industrial metal flooring/walls?!)

Ohjodi said...

OMG......aside from Grey's Anatomy, I seriously never watch tv. YET, I got totally sucked into Rock of Love, too! LOL GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY. Can't believe I liked it so much, LOL It was a fun show, though. Bret really seems like a nice guy.