Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cordillera Alpaca Throw

Cordillera Alpaca Throw, available at Garnet Hill

The office where Cardboard and I work has a pretty piss-poor heating and cooling system. Actually it seems like there is only a cooling system and no heat at all. In the wintertime most of our department can be seen wearing scarfs, multiple sweaters, fingerless gloves, and sometimes our hats and coats. I'm considering bringing in a cozy blanket and Hardwood has offered to buy me a space heater. This fuzzy alpaca throw looks warm, cozy and, best of all, it is on sale until October 30.


Anonymous said...

Space heaters can be cool. I got a great Max space heater from (not in stores, only online) for $30 last winter. I doubt they'll do that again, since they had so many on clearance. This DeLonghi is beautiful.

Porcelain said...

Ooooo, that is one sexy space heater!

maditi said...

would be perfect for me too :)

pvedesign said...

May I send you a pair of recycled cashmere fingerless gloves to stay warm in style? A friend of mine has started a new business, (and I want to help her out)
re.UUz each and every pair are a "one of a kind"

Tell me your favorite colors... 2 pairs will be sent.